Long Beach Long Term Care Planning

What You Should Know About Long Term Care for Seniors

It is not the time to begin thinking about long term care facilities when a loved one receives some unexpected medical diagnosis. Being under pressure to meet a parent’s or a loved one’s changing medical and daily living concerns can immediately burden their financial assets.

  • What level of care is needed?
  • How often is care needed?
  • Will that have increased monitoring or assistance cost?

When it comes to a loved one, you want the best care you can afford. Early elderly planning is what prepares one to have coverage for these inevitable life changes. Protecting their home and their lifelong earnings is paramount to being able to meet the costs of long term care.

How Does the State of California Classify Senior Assistance?

The California Insurance Commission makes a distinction under the Long Term Care Plan legislation and it defines what care is expected on each level of assistance:

  • Care at Home – Being seen regularly by a home health professional who specifically monitors health, but does not administer medical treatments. These are grouped as household duties and physical daily personal needs like meals, baths, medication monitoring.
  • Retirement Community – This is a residential setting that may or may not have home health level of care within the community, but it collectively consists of 85% senior citizens.
  • Assisted Living – Care within the complex or collection of individual residences at one property location.
  • Board and Care – This is a little known step of care that is of better residential quality, with assistance in the residence that is limited to six seniors.
  • Nursing Home – Full medical care units that are residential where individuals live in private or semi-private rooms with a full medical staff for all daily living needs.

What Makes Up Solid Long Term Care?

Long term care planning in Long Beach is comprised of legal advice, financial planning, and insurance coverages. Seeking the council of legal advisors who are specialized in the area of senior and elderly planning is the first step in protecting the quality of life of your loved ones. The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC consist of attorneys that understand these laws and are involved in the execution and administration of these laws specifically. This provides the best assurance of putting the power of depth of knowledge to work for your loved one. The various programs available to seniors through both the federal and state governments can make a significant contribution to preserving resources designed to protect seniors.

Elderly Laws have changed every year since 2012

California Congressmen present changes to these life altering laws so that elders are protected. But as programs go undiscovered so do they lose federal funding. The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC is headed by those that are instrumental in the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). NAELA is likened to an additional Bar Association, with specific stringent protocols that attorneys must meet to be specialized in elder law care. The governing and legislative bodies monitor these laws rigorously due to the exposed nature and the importance of the needs of elder persons. Lawmakers realize the risk levels imposed on vulnerable seniors.

Afford Your Loved Ones Every Protection Under the Law

Currently there are congressional legislator’s assembly bills, senate bills, and even special session proposed bills currently in debate. Having counsel that is up to date on the changes in legislation both last year, and for those proposed are in the best position to exploit benefits and avoid deficiencies of the new legislation.

Sandra Diaz is a former President of the Southern California Chapter of NAELA. She is also a Marine Corps Veteran who is very familiar with benefits afforded exclusively to veterans and their spouses.

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