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As you get older, you need to know your options and familiarize yourself with the programs that are at your disposal. For instance, Medicare and Medi-Cal can both help individuals deal with the pains of aging. These are separate programs, though, and they must be understood in that context. At The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC, we work to help people understand their rights when it comes to Medicare and all other medical programs that might be available.

The difference between Medicare and Medi-Cal

These programs are distinct, even though they are often confused for one another. Medicare is a program executed by the federal government to provide healthcare coverage to older people. Medi-Cal is a program run by the state of California. The key difference between two is in regard to long-term care. Medicare does not provide coverage for long-term care, while Medi-Cal does.

The benefits of Medicare

Even though Medicare does not provide assistance in paying for long-term care, it provides a number of other benefits. It can help individuals with their drug costs, with the costs of long hospital stays, and with routine visits to the doctor. Medicare is a powerful program that allows individuals to seek out the preventative care that they need in order to most effectively live their older years. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC are dedicated to helping clients understand Medicare, how to get it, and how to make the most of the federal benefit. Given how expensive health care can be, it’s critical to make the most of any resources that help to minimize this cost.

Using Medicare and Medi-Cal to protect your tangible assets

In addition to keeping yourself healthy, you should aim to protect the physical assets you’ve accrued during the course of your life. Many elders enter their later years without a cogent strategy to protect that property. Surely they want to leave something behind, but they can sometimes lose what they’ve saved and built in an effort to pay for their health needs. This is one of the ways that Medicare and Medi-Cal can be helpful. They can pay for healthcare and long-term care without forcing you to dip into your tangible assets. Likewise, they’ll keep you from having to ask your loved ones for money to pay for health expenses. We specialize in helping people figure out a solid plan for using Medicare and Medi-Cal to their benefit in those all-important later years.

Experienced lawyers who know the system

Here at The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC, we understand the challenges faced by seniors, as well as the ins and outs of the Medicare system. We know what seniors need to do to cash in on their benefit, and we help you develop a plan that can work for your lifestyle. Seniors who don’t enlist the help of a good lawyer can get caught up in the red tape. They can get bogged down in a bureaucratic mess that leaves them without much chance of getting the care they need. Our lawyers have years of experience navigating these waters, and perhaps more importantly, we bring to the table a passion for doing the right thing for elders.

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