Understanding Medicare And Its Benefits

Medicare: A Complicated Plan Made Easy

The furor surrounding passage of the Affordable Care Act was similar to the uproar almost a half-century earlier when Medicare offered a financial lifeline to senior citizens. Prior to that, far too many elderly people found it difficult, if not impossible, to pay for either health insurance or the type of health care that they needed.

However, the many nuances involved with Medicare can be difficult for the average individual to understand. As Southern California’s leading Elder Law firm, The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC have seen the confusion that can result from such circumstances.

Knowledge is King

That’s why they made it a central tenet of their philosophy toward client relations to make sure that those individuals not only know what their rights are, but receive all entitlements due them.

Some basic facts about Medicare will help expedite understanding of eligibility considerations. These include the fact that:

Breaking Down the Program

  • It provides seniors (65 and over) with affordable health insurance
  • Coverage primarily involves the cost of prescriptions and other typical medical expenses

Four separate parts make up the Medicare program, each designated by the first four letters of the alphabet:

  • A: Covers inpatient care at a hospital or nursing facility and also covers services for home health care and hospice.
  • B: Covers doctor visits, preventative care such as screenings, lab tests, surgical fees and supplies, and therapy of a physical or occupational nature.
  • C: Also known as Medicare Advantage, this can combine different aspects of the program. This is what’s known as a supplemental policy, which may be used in conjunction with standard insurance such as Blue Cross, AARP or any of the 83 programs recognized by California.
  • D: Covers a Prescription Drug Plan and may be combined with Plan C.

Given the options available and the potential for not understanding all of what’s involved, the legal staff at The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC are well-equipped to address the concerns of our clients.

Medi-Cal Explained

Within the state of California exists Medi-Cal, which is designed not only for families struggling to make ends meet, but also for families that care for an elderly member. While Medicare is funded by the federal government, funds for Medi-Cal are provided by the state.

Due to the fact that this is a government program, the likelihood of bureaucracy invading the application process is high. That’s because the average individual may not even be aware of their eligibility for the program. In addition, simply applying for it can be a complicated process, with any mistakes delaying the establishment of coverage.

People in the Know

Therefore, if you or someone you know is in need of services related to Medicare, contact the California Elder Law Center PC and set up a free consultation. The value of that meeting may not only save you money, but offer a better quality of life.
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