Successful Aging Expo 2016

The California Elder Law Center participated in the Successful Aging Expo 2016 on Saturday, October 8th at the Westin Hotel, 333 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach. The Expo featured speakers and exhibitors who provided tips and consultations on everything from how to remain healthy while aging, to planning finances and understanding programs like Medicare and Social [...]

The use of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes

California nursing home patients can be affected by issues such as overcrowding, limited staffing and low budgets. However, family members of elderly patients housed in such facilities may want to pay special attention to the drugs administered to their loved ones, especially if dramatic changes in behavior, personality or condition are observed. Nursing home abuse can take many forms, and in some cases, antipsychotic drugs are incorrectly or illegally used to manage patient behavior.

Finding the right trust solutions for an estate plan

As California residents work on estate plans, the decision about creating a trust may be a concern. A trust is perceived as protecting one's assets from the probate process, allowing for smoother and more private distribution after death. However, trusts may not always be protected fully from probate, and state laws should be considered. Many individuals believe that there are tax benefits available when a trust is established, but experts indicate that many of these benefits are primarily advantageous to those who are very well off.

The importance of long-term care insurance

California residents may wonder whether long-term care insurance is necessary or how to go about securing a policy. One woman discovered that her mother's long-term care costs were $3,000 per month, which was paid by her father's estate and the sale of the mother's home. Many people erroneously believe that Medicare will cover any of their long-term care needs, such as in-home care, a nursing home or living in an assisted facility.

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