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Throughout the years, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC have specialized in Life Care Planning, which is a comprehensive approach to the practice of law that focuses on improving issues surrounding the quality of life of elderly loved ones. By working with a team of extremely knowledgeable and compassionate advisors, this approach enables elders and their families to obtain a wealth of options for long-term care.

Additionally, a Life Care Plan usually includes provisions for family education, crisis intervention, estate planning, asset preservation, financial decision-making, public benefits qualification, and other support services. Instead of relying on crisis-oriented transactions, the Life Care Plan can provide clients with a long-term road map to achieve care and asset protection goals.

Life Care Planning Goals

The primary goal of life care planning is to encourage optimal health, safety, wellness, and quality of life for elders and their families by identifying present and future care needs. Along with managing information about the elderly loved one, a successful Life Care Plan is designed to achieve these important objectives:

• Ensure that elders receive proper care in a home or a residential facility
• Identify affordable public and private sources to pay for quality long-term care that is consistent with patient/family needs
• Provide elders and their family with the peace of mind that results in careful planning to ensure that loved ones are always receiving exceptional care

In order for Life Care Planning to be effective, the attorneys must have a thorough understanding of the loved one’s medical treatment, diagnoses, psychosocial implications, and healthcare needs. A comprehensive appointment will address these important matters.

Life Care Planning Appointment

During a Life Planning appointment at The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC, the attorneys will use the Elder Care Continuum, which is a model that helps families understand the effects of aging on their loved one’s overall well-being and finances. The model may also help to identify gaps in care. The purpose of the first meeting is to develop solutions for closing those gaps such as organizing, mobilizing, and prioritizing every aspect of the loved one’s care.

Once everyone has agreed on the proposed solutions, our lawyers will develop documents that include descriptive information about the elderly loved one’s health, support network, family, financial resources, and residence. Also included in these important documents is an outline of the family’s goals, concerns, ideas, and options regarding the elderly client’s situation. Families can then use the Life Care Plan as a guide to the appropriate services, resources, and outcome evaluation.

Most importantly, the Life Care Plan is the development of an ongoing long-term relationship with families. Even when changes occur involving the chronic illness or catastrophic disability of an elderly loved one, our attorneys will be with clients every step of the way.
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