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In a financial and legislative environment where laws and limits are constantly changing with the passage of time, you need an expert to guide you. Knowing the limits of what is and is not protected in an individual’s estate; just what the values of a trust are vs. those of a living will, these decisions must be made with the end goals in mind. The planning for end of life care costs has demands that are specific to only this distinct area of legislation. For those who desire the most control over their financial future, they need to seek a specific type of aid from their counsel.

What Can an Elder Law Attorney Offer Seniors?

The attorneys that specialize in elder law have not only current knowledge of the involved legislation, but the prudence to secure your wishes in legal instruments. They are well versed in helpful insurance protections for the home and financial assets accumulated throughout a lifetime. Financial planning and investment security are the heart of all elder care, and the area that will be most applicable as to what medical benefits are eligible to seniors who meet stringent state of California probate requirements.

Can Those With Assets Still Receive State Assistance in End of Life Care?

The California Department of Health Services offers financial assistance to pay for assisted living and nursing care costs through the California-Medical Assistance Program. These specific benefits provide financial coverage in the form of an insurance supplement. Most seniors carry supplemental insurance in addition to their Medicare benefits. Medi-Cal benefits are state funded and are applicable to the high health costs associated with the decreasing abilities of self care. As needs for assistance in medical management increase, those with assets who have structured their final legal instruments to live on and meet their financial wishes can still benefit from this state program.

What Governs The Eligibility Requirements of Medi-Cal Benefits?

This beneficial supplement can only be purchased by seniors whose personal assets and income are limited to the state set limits. As these limits change, so does the method of protections against the funds invested in financial planning vehicles such as wills and living trusts. The only way to be certain is to use an elder law attorney who is versed in Medi-Cal restrictions. There are legal devices that allow for assets to be reallocated into sheltered options. One will not have to worry about outliving their financial assets. They will have protection under the Medical Assistance Program of California when their life’s assets are secured within legal trusts.

Doesn’t Medi-Cal Have Restrictions on Assets?

Medi-Cal does have state-set limitations that must be met in order to procure the Medi-Cal supplemental insurance coverage. Something as seemingly innocuous as a financial transfer or financial gift can instantly render one ineligible. In order for there to be state funded payment of bills relating to caring for the elderly, the income limits of the program are predetermined. In order for the fund to operate in protection of those who qualify, the state limits are not exceeded regardless of the level of need of relief. This is how so many California seniors lose out on this beneficial funding of the high costs of care.

Who Can Guide My Decisions on What Coverage is Needed?

The best form of trusts and wills are included in elder law and long-term care directives. Having a specialist as your legal representation ensures that your wishes will be followed, that you benefit from all the possible programs you can, and that you live out your life without the worry of how to pay for increased care needs. Trusts are the most common form of safeguard for the protection of assets of an aging individual. Knowing your elder care lawyer is a specialist who can ensure that these life and financial planning tasks are completed in conjunction with the most benefits the law allows.

Dedicated to Helping Seniors And Their Families Face The Financial Challenges Of Long-Term Care

At The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC , we have developed a three-stage process for individuals and families who are seeking help through the Medi-Cal program. The steps are:

  • Eligibility — We will look at your income to ensure you are eligible for Medi-Cal assistance.
  • Qualifying — We will examine your assets to see that they meet Medi-Cal guidelines.
  • Application — We will assist you in completing the Medi-Cal application. The Medi-Cal application is complex, and errors can result in costly benefit delays.

Let us put our skill and experience to work helping you secure Medi-Cal benefits so you can ensure that your loved one has the care he or she needs.

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