What will happen to Ann B. Davis’ estate now that she is gone?

Many of our readers who grew up watching the “Brady Bunch” probably remember the character of Alice. Best known for her trademark blue dress and witty one-liners, the fictional housekeeper often brought a smile to the faces of everyone she encountered, including her viewing audience.

But those smiles gave way to sadness this month when it was announced that the actress who played Alice, Ann B. Davis, passed away at the age of 88. The actress had been receiving treatment for a subdural hematoma that was suffered after a fall. But a close friend of Davis explained that she never regained consciousness, leaving some to believe that she may have passed away from the head injury.

Though many people here in California, as well as the world over, are quite familiar with Davis’ acting career, few can say the same out the actress’ estate plans. She enjoyed a successful career on television and screen, which means she probably amassed quite a fortune over the years. But because she never married or had any children, some might wonder who will inherit this fortune.

According to a 1992 article in People Magazine, as a retired actress, Davis was living comfortably off of her Screen Actors Guild pension. Oftentimes a pension can be collected by a spouse after their loved one’s passing. But in the case of Davis, she never married. So, depending on the terms of her pension, it’s possible that the remaining pension may or may not defer to the next of kin.

If she never married and had no children, then what happens to the rest of her estate? As some of our readers may have already guessed, it could have been left in Davis’ will to her siblings, such as her sister who lives in New Jersey. It’s possible too that she may have even left a portion of her estate to her sister’s three children as well.

But because of the recentness of Davis’ death, the specifics of her estate plan are unknown. The hope though, as it is with our own readers, that she planned carefully and had everything in order before her sudden death. Otherwise, this could create legal problems for her loved ones down the road.

Source: CNN, “Ann B. Davis, Alice on ‘Brady Bunch,’ dies,” Catherine E. Shoichet, Jane 2, 2014

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